StoneLeaf in the famous TV-show “La Maison France 5”
La maison France 5 logo émission de télévision avec Stéphane Thebault sur l'architecture et la décoration StoneLeaf
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La Maison France 5: The natural stone by StoneLeaf

Maybe you’ve already heard about the stone leaf, it was the subject of a famous french TV-show: La Maison France 5 on the last November, 17th. This coating proposed by StoneLeaf become a trendy coating even for the floor. Let’s back to this materials which all people speak.

What’s StoneLeaf ?

The French TV-show “La maison France 5” have made a subject on this question but we can throwback on it. The StoneLeaf is a coating made from natural stone. You think it’s impossible but we find the perfect way to extract some thin strats of stone and make some sheets with an exceptional density, light and easy to use. This coating can’t be made with all type of stones, only Mica and Slates we propose. Both permit to obtain aesthetic stone leaf sheets with good quality, the slates is more smooth than Mica which is more structured with a lot of strats. The choice is vast, in slates or in mica according to your taste and the utilisation.

For which uses ?

Thanks to StoneLeaf, it’s possible to have natural stone on the floor. Waterproof, cold resistant and strong thanks its resin, you can use this material on the floor indoor and outdoor. Natural beauty, elegance and chic atmosphere will invite themeselves. On “la maison France 5”, the focus was on the floor installation of the StoneLeaf but this materials can be used as a wall covering, you can install it in the kitchen for the splashback or to update your furniture. This material fits perfectly in humid areas like bathroom. Your bathroom will have a warm and pleasent atmosphere after the refurbishment.

How to set up StoneLeaf ?

We like this stone leaf for its resistance, its natural beauty, and also for the simplicity of setting up. To cut it, you just need a circular saw. But thanks to the variety of sizes maybe you will not need it. Concerning the support, if your floor is made in concrete, marble or wood, as we explain in the TV-show La Maison France 5, don’t worry this materials can be laid on all type of support. This material can be set up on tiles on the floor and in a bathroom even in a kitchen. With the polymer glue, all is possible !

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