StoneLeaf’s natural slate panels : interior and exterior design material

Made from blocks of slate, mica, or marble, StoneLeaf is thin (1.2-2 mm), light (1-1.5 kg/m²), and elegantly enhances all of your indoor or outdoor areas.

To compliment your interior or exterior walls, along with your floors,showers and furniture,StoneLeaf panels are attached to fiberglass and resin which guarantees a solid and light installation.

Easy to cut and install, StoneLeaf panels are the perfect addition to any surface, whether flat or rounded. Thin, light, and flexible, StoneLeaf is 100% natural and offers all the benefits of including natural stone in your project, without its inconveniences.

Each panel is completely unique. Do note : mica panels are thicker than slate panels.

Discover our several models, bearing the names of our favorite international destinations !


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