Stone leaf for your walls

Stone panels are an ornamental innovation that have become very fashionable. They are obtained by dividing massive blocks of stone. To make the panels usable on walls, the panels are only of 1.5 to 2 mm thick and are reinforced by a fiberglass and resin backing. Generally, the materials used are slate, quartzite and mica. These give a natural and flexible look to your interior or exterior walls and are available in multiple colors and textures. The various transformations undergone by the stone sheets make it a decorative accessory perfectly adaptable to all the rooms of the house for a unique and effective rendering.

Our 100% natural stone sheet on a wall

Our stone sheets for walls

Using stone panels on your walls

Stone panels are not only ideal as wall decorations. They can also be wonderful additions to your floors or exterior walls. Should you wish to adorn the walls of your home with our stone panels, they are sure to inspire feelings of warmth and modernism in any room. Each panel is unique as we offer an infinite pallet of color options and incomparable textures.
Slate murals are the perfect choice for humid spaces. They are especially recommended for kitchens, bathrooms, and relaxation areas like swimming pools and spas where the stone murals help create a soothing environment.

Stone-paneled murals : installation made easy

Our stone panels can be placed against painted walls, paneling, or even plaster walls. This material is a breeze to work with – even for inexperienced handymen or handywomen. Once the surface has been prepared and cleaned, simply cut the panels to fit your required dimensions. You can easily cut the sheets to fit your space.
For a long-lasting adherence, we recommend using a hybrid polymer adhesive; this type of adhesive is known for its impeccable performance and water-repellency.
Once you’ve installed your panels, they will prove easy to maintain. For this very purpose, we offer stain remover and a cleaning spray, which will help conserve the rich colors of your new stone mural. Discover our maintenance products here.

StoneLeaf : natural stone panels for your walls

StoneLeaf’s natural stone panels are a wall covering made from genuine stone. Our panels are specifically designed to pair with the walls and floors of your home. Our technology also extends to countertops and furniture.
Our stone paneled murals are made from slate and mica. They are not composite materials but are genuine, natural stone. Each finish is closely studied to suit your design uses perfectly, whether indoors or outdoors.
Our slate mural line is made from the highest quality material, making for a charming result. This line balances authenticity and tradition with innovation and modernity. The lightness of the wall stone sheets that we offer allows them flexibility and adaptability to all types of walls.
The multiple colors and textures available are sure to bring out your sense of creativity and decoration. Create a unique ambiance inside or out. With this stylish touch, you’ll really stand out !

How to install our StoneLeaf on walls ?
An installation easy to all !

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